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Mental Health: Mind, Body and Spirit

I started my journey into holistic health when I was a therapist working in community mental health.  Over my years in community mental health I began to see a theme emerge of parents who felt like their voices were not being heard by the traditional medical/mental health field.  Parents who were fighting for answers about the root cause of their children’s mental health symptoms. 

In school we do not learn much about integrative mental health.  We learn how to diagnose, treat, and work with different mental health disorders.  I did not want to be another provider my clients felt put a Band-Aid on what was going on versus looking to the root cause of the behavior.  So I began researching on my own how diet, food allergies, genetic conditions, and other environmental factors effect behavior and mood. 

I began to research PANDAS and PANS.  I then took a comprehensive training program for integrative mental health.  When I opened my own private practice I knew I wanted us to be a group of providers who were trained to really look to the root of mental health symptoms and treat mind, body, and spirit.  All of my clinicians now go through that same comprehensive training program I did when they start. This makes them eligible to become certified mental health and integrative medicine providers. My goal is for no parent to ever feel like they are not heard when they look for answers about their child’s mental health and for our providers to have the integrative knowledge they need to look to the root of the presenting symptoms. Serving families is a passion of mine and we know that starts from birth.  The first two years of a child’s life are the most critical in terms of attachment.  The key to supporting children’s mental health in those early years is to provide quality care to moms. I believe as a whole our world needs to do more to support women’s emotional health during pregnancy and afterwards including postpartum depression care and birth trauma counseling.

I want all women who come to Anchored in Hope to feel supported no matter where they are on their journey.  I want all women to know it’s ok to not be happy after giving birth, it’s ok to voice however you feel and know you will be met with support and compassion.  We have two counselors trained in trauma who can provide EMDR and brainspotting therapy for birth trauma.  We also have two therapists on our team who actively work with pregnancy centers in our community and specialize in working with women during pregnancy, after pregnancy and with pregnancy loss. 

My hope is that all women who walk through our doors know that they will be met wherever they are on their parenting journey with grace and compassion. 

Krista McCulloch LISW, MSW Owner, Anchored in Hope Counseling LLC Mental Health Therapist Clinical Social Worker

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