I Have Strayed...

I must make a confession: I bristle sometimes at the word “holistic”.

A word that has been co-opted by the health and wellness industry and sometimes by people who wish only to look down their nose at others. The modern idea of holism is inaccessible for many: pricey, and not covered by insurance. So, for that reason, my holistic journey is one that I have strayed in and out of for many years, unsure of how set myself apart.

As a health care provider, I believe in Western medicine. I have seen UTIs turn into kidney infections leading people down very dark and painful illnesses. I have seen birthing people develop dangerous eclamptic seizures, and only Ativan will save them, and so will the magnesium drip they must have, and so will the blood pressure medication they will take to get them through the acute phase of their illness.

But I am also a midwife, trained in the ancient arts of herbology and homeopathic medicine. I will, in one breath, remind you to take your antidepressant and to not forget your red raspberry leaf tea. When your iron is low, I will recommend liquid iron and alfalfa supplements. Give you Arnica for sore muscles and swelling.

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