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Jackie Goff

Intuitive Reader and Personal Empowerment Facilitator.


Jackie’s intuitive abilities not only give her clients accurate and insightful readings, they also help in coaching clients with manifesting and personal development.

About Jackie

Jackie has spent her life living a double mission between the right-brained, skeptical, practical, corporate businesswoman, and her other self, the hidden one who somehow knew things, ‘got’ information from somewhere and having an uncanny sense of things that cannot be explained.  As a child, her parents used their faith to redirect her “hearings and knowing’s” as coming from the angels. As a teen and young adult, it wasn’t cool to wear a label of ‘psychic’, and as a businesswoman, when her abilities began to escalate, she had to keep a low psychic profile to earn the trust of corporate clients and the people who worked in her business under her direction.  In her professional career, her greatest satisfaction came from training, guiding and mentoring to see teammates grow beyond their own expectations.  This is a basic principle that she carries into to her readings, helping her clients realize their own potential for using their own intuition to create their path with confidence.

More than 15 years ago, after studying for 2 years with a gifted psychic spiritual teacher, Jackie quietly slipped out of the psychic closet, embraced her true light and began intuitive channeled Tarot card readings for charity events, private gatherings, and spiritual fairs. 

A life-long student of manifesting principles, Jackie has attended workshops with Mike Dooley (Thoughts Become Things & TUT), attended spiritual trainings by world-renown teachers, and especially enjoys working with vibrational energy, numerology, channeled writing, and of course, the Tarot and Oracle cards. 

She says her best readings come from knowing nothing about her client prior to the reading, and she gets the most joy when a skeptical client has the “ah ha!” moment that Jackie is the real deal and recognizes that their reading is revealing many things they already knew but didn’t trust their own intuition.  

At the end of the consultation, Jackie empowers her clients to follow their own intuition and gives them tools, plan-of-action suggestions and ways to manifest their desires.  From business issues to relationship questions, clients find her no-nonsense approach to guided readings to be fresh, reliable and usually quite fun! 

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