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Chelsea Miller

Chelsea Miller

Inner Child Coach

Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator & Encouragement Consultant

My purpose is to speak life, love, and encouragement into people's hearts. I strive to create a nurturing and warm environment where it is safe to share the hard, dark, and messy parts of life. I hope to shine a light, help others heal, and make sure no one feels alone in their struggles. 

About Chelsea

As an Inner Child Coach I specialize in traumas, triggers, limiting beliefs, boundaries, burnout, and discovering your self worth. Our work together consists of digging into deeply rooted unconscious beliefs, healing from wounds, reparenting yourself, breaking generational traumas and curses, and learning how to create new thoughts and patterns to become your best self. 


Everyone has a child within themselves holding on to thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and decisions that are no longer serving them. Our inner children are carrying burdens and weights from our past. Our sessions together help you connect with that inner child, recognize what they are trying to communicate with you, help you heal, and then walk into the rest of your life with freedom. Your child within wants to release what isn't theirs to carry so that you can experience true love, joy, abundance, and authenticity.

Services + Classes