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My Holistic Life

Hi there! I am Nailya Weber. I am Tatar wife to my American husband. I am an immigrant from Kazan, Russia. I came here nine and a half years ago for a summer job, a month later I met my husband Chris, two months later we got married without telling our families, and I stayed here. We now have two beautiful girls Evah who is 7 and Meera who is 3.

My favorite things are: yoga, tea, photography, interior design, gardening and indoor plants, throwing giant parties (can’t wait to be able to have them again!), singing, meeting new people, and cooking/baking. I love transforming regular recipes into healthier ones, and I am currently writing my own cookbook in two languages! I also just began my photography business also known as food for my soul! Being from Russia, and growing up in post Soviet Union era, I was never used to eating fast food: all the meals were prepared at home, we always had a garden that I worked at each summer.

That experience kind of started my holistic mindset, and when I became a first time mom, I began researching healthier options for everything: household cleaners, food, diet and etc. But what truly helped me to get to this “crunchy” stage, was being around people with knowledge, people, who shared all that “granola” on social media. It pushed me to do more research of my own. Sometimes my hubby thinks I am crazy, making my own kombucha, homemade Russian style cottage cheese from local raw milk, sauerkraut, fermented cucumbers, bone broth or even gluten-free crepes. But he knows, that his life would be so much different and boring without my holistic lifestyle obsession! We both eat healthy and exercise regularly.

I teach yoga and practice it daily. Eating healthy and exercising for me is not just a self-love, it is also a great example for our daughters. It definitely feels great, when my daughters politely tell someone, that they prefer not to have that candy, because it’s not good for their bellies.

Being healthy isn’t just eating healthy food and exercising. Feeding my brain and my soul is important for me too. I love listening to motivational audiobooks. I barely have time to read adult books, since I am homeschooling my kids. Audiobooks are available through libraries for free, and they are amazing! You can listen while folding laundry, while doing dishes, while cooking or while running.

One more thing that makes my life happy is having a gratitude journal. 5 minutes a day spent by myself with my thoughts are so beneficial and so needed! Each day after I put my kids to bed I write answers to these three questions: what was the best part of my day, what was the worst part of my day, and what would I have done if I got a chance to live this day one more time.

My advice to those, who are trying to get into healthier lifestyle: introduce one new habit once a week and try to stick to out, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and also begin each day with meditation. You don’t have to to sit in a lotus pose to meditate. It could be done while laying down in your bed when you wake up. While laying down, thank God or Universe for all that you have. It might seem like you don’t have enough just yet, but by expressing your gratitude for even little things that you do have, you will open room in your life for more GOOD.

And if you have a dream, something that you really want to have, practice already having it. Sounds funny, but it works. You just have to imagine that it’s already there, not just with your mind, but also imagine how would it feel with your physical body to have it. You know, that excitement: the butterflies in your stomach, the happy shortness of breath... Yes, that feeling when your wish comes true! Experience it daily physically with your dream in your mind! And soon Universe will hear you!

Feel free to become friends with me on FB and real life! I wish you all the best! Namaste

Nailya Weber

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