My Holistic Life

Hi there! I am Nailya Weber. I am Tatar wife to my American husband. I am an immigrant from Kazan, Russia. I came here nine and a half years ago for a summer job, a month later I met my husband Chris, two months later we got married without telling our families, and I stayed here. We now have two beautiful girls Evah who is 7 and Meera who is 3.

My favorite things are: yoga, tea, photography, interior design, gardening and indoor plants, throwing giant parties (can’t wait to be able to have them again!), singing, meeting new people, and cooking/baking. I love transforming regular recipes into healthier ones, and I am currently writing my own cookbook in two languages! I also just began my photography business also known as food for my soul! Being from Russia, and growing up in post Soviet Union era, I was never used to eating fast food: all the meals were prepared at home, we always had a garden that I worked at each summer.