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Becca Ferstle

Reiki Master Teacher + Intuitive Medium

As the Mediumship Circle group facilitator, Becca holds space and offers guidance to others who are wanting to develop their own mediumship abilities. As a Reiki Practitioner she works with all levels of experience of spirituality and energy work.

About Becca

Becca has been on her spiritual journey for several years, starting with meditation, sleep work and yoga.  Reiki and her apprenticeship to become a Reiki Master Teacher, has helped to further Becca’s spiritual awakening and has helped her to embrace her lifelong mediumship gifts.


Becca is able to work with individuals who are new to receiving Reiki healing to advanced.  

Through her own emotional healing, she has learned to offer support and guidance to individuals who are grieving a loss, that have experienced childhood trauma, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Healing from a loss or deep emotional traumas is challenging and takes time. With empathy and compassion, Becca is able to support others on this healing journey by applying what she likes to call “life line healing”.


As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Becca knows that finding a safe space where you can be yourself can be challenging, but has found that peace through Reiki healing and Axium Lux, and hopes to offer the same to other members of the community.          


As the Mediumship Circle group facilitator, Becca holds space and offers guidance to others who are wanting to develop their own mediumship abilities. As a life-long learner herself, Becca finds group development very important, but also understands each individual’s development will be beautify unique.


In her professional life, Becca graduated from Bowling Green State University and then worked for over a decade in hospitality management as a hotel manager at various hotel brands. In 2021, Becca and her wife Leann opened their own business, Grindhrs Co. Coffee, Toledo’s only LGBTQ+ coffee shop. A personal passion to create a sense of community, safety and hospitality in addition to giving back to the community.  


Becca is a lover of animals and nature. She loves tending to her flower garden and vegetable garden with her wife Leann. They are proud pet parents of 2 dogs (Quinn and Glenn) and 2 cats (Puma and Barb). Becca also admits to being a “Toledo nerd”, and loves exploring new places and the old classics here in the glass city.


Becca is both excited and grateful to have the opportunity to be working with Axium Lux in providing Reiki and spiritual healing to the community. 



“I have not had experience with Reiki prior to my session with Becca. Going into it, I was not attached to any particular outcome, hoping, however, to find some mental and emotional release or ease, after being very challenged by my previous work environment. It had been a heavy elephant in my room for at least 6 months at that time and I was feeling lost and overwhelmed. 

Becca’s work felt very gentle and kind. She explained everything thorough and took her time. I was comfortable sharing my issues. Becca truly listened and she we was able to work out the focus of healing.
Not sure what and how and why (and happy to say, I don’t need to know!), but since our session, the very next day I woke up lighter, unburdened, and immediately felt at peace with myself. Weeks later call it luck or a step in the right direction I felt comfortable with leaving my current workplace.  Thank you so much!

I believe wholeheartedly in mind-body connection, but did not have a lot of working understanding of Chakra system, but enjoyed an approach of self care routes.  I am thankful for what Becca did for me that day. Words can’t describe the shift I needed that she provided.”


I didn’t know much about Reiki before I tried it. I knew it was about healing energy which made me intrigued. Becca (my practitioner) was very patient and answered all my questions. She prepared me for my session by creating a peaceful environment. After my session I felt more aligned with my body. I highly recommend anyone looking for healing energy to try Reiki.”


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