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Reiki at Axiom Lux
located in Toledo, Ohio

Axiom Lux has various Intuitive Healers working in Toledo, Ohio.

We are Reiki Master Teachers who can help you find answers, gain strength in finding your way through life’s struggles, and fully become the person that resides within.

Because of their own life pain, struggles and spiritual awakening journeys, they can assist you in developing your inner knowing with guiding you back into your wholeness. Applying ancient spiritual wisdom, devoted study, and practice to help bring success, happiness, and healing to you.


If you are looking for a Toledo Reiki Practitioner,

Axiom Lux is where you belong!

Toledo Reiki Therapist.jpg

When in a Reiki Toledo Session, whether distant or in person, the energy works the same. Your body’s energy communicates + tells a story. The Axiom Lux Reiki Practitioner facilitates the God energy and allowing it to flow directly to you, filling your space with love + light. Your body releases anything that is no longer needed and most leave the session feeling lighter and focused on life and healing. With natural empathic + intuitive gifts and years of honed practice, the practitioners are able to tap into your space. This helps you be aware of what you are holding onto, how you can best heal buried traumas and release what is no longer serving you. Your energy also shows images and stories of your past allowing to recognize the heaviness and therefor shifting back to its source. 


Axiom Lux assists you to your highest potential and enhance your quality of life, personal growth, and energy healing, using tools that enable you to become more aware of your health in completeness. 

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