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Rebecca Ahern Reiki Spiritual Mentorship

Rebecca Ahern

Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner 

Spiritual Mentor specializing in Women's Mindset + Shadow work

Rebecca, an Intuitive Healer, hosts in-person and distant healing sessions and informational classes for clients looking to unveil their highest potential, enhance the quality of life + expand personal growth. 

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| About Rebecca |

A self-proclaimed crazy, crunchy, healing hippy, in love with life’s journey and this amazing Earth that we all share.

Rebecca, through her own healing journey, has learned that work is to help others discover + connect with their own inner knowing, guiding on how to follow your life map, assisting with clearing  whatever stands in the way of happiness, peace, health, love + abundance.

On this journey of spiritual growth + discipline she guides you inward where you learn more about your inner truths, wisdom, direction + true authentic self. Becoming more aware of your wellness in completness.

Her field of study includes training and certification in various concentrations: Reiki Healing to the Master Teacher level, Psychic Development, Intuitive Readings, House Blessings, Chakra Balancing, Archetypal Sacred Contact + Crystalline Consciousness Technique and spiritual Mentorship amongst others.

As an Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master teacher she can help you find answers, gain strength in finding your way through life’s struggles and fully become the person that resides within. Because of her own life struggles and spiritual awakening journey, she can assist you in developing your inner knowing with guiding you back into your wholeness. Applying ancient spiritual wisdom, devoted study, and practice to help bring success, happiness, and healing to you. 

Rebecca loves to laugh really hard, and when not working at Axiom Lux, spends most of her time barefoot, cooking, singing + dancing, being a mama to her busy boys Xavier and Pax and wife to her very patient husband, Dan.


Rebecca aims to be a Beacon of Light with the goal to help you find your way back to who you were before you felt you had to wear a façade to feel adequate. You are already whole and through self acceptance you will find change and growth.


Rebecca also offers a variety of handcrafted botanical infused products, including Spiced Elderberry & Honey, Teas and Salves. All made from organic and local herbs & foods. Each of her products are made with love and healing intention and crafted with the Earth and body in mind. No man made chemicals, preservatives or toxins. Just safe ingredients for the whole family.

Rebecca is so grateful for the abundance of love and support given to this Healing Practice and products. Serving the community is her love. 

| Offerings |

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