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Spirituality of a Human

Being willing to look mindless for Love, for Dreams, for the Journey of being Awake. Reaching inward to the pit of your own despair and opened by life's betrayals yet evolving forward.

That is a Spiritual Human.

Bringing your entire presence and attention while at the feet of the dying, despite the throb of discomfort. Siting with grief without trying to advise, fix or maintain it. Showing up and holding space within the depths of your own lessons without negating the hurt.

That is a Spiritual Human.

Being with bliss and dancing with wildness. Letting elation fill you to your fingers and toes without counseling to be careful, realistic, or to remind the limitations of being human.

Planting secure roots despite being burnt out. Making a call to a friend in need, doting and nourishing your family with food and kindness.

Getting up from the Dark Night of the Soul, being full of grief and despair, weary and bruised, and still participating in what needs to be done.

That is a Spiritual Human

Showing up and doing the difficult and sacred on this marvelously tangled Earth. Being true, practical and empathic as equally as empowered, ablaze and enthralling. Knowing that even during success, stepping back and being humble enough to learn.

Upsetting someone to be Authentic to yourself; owning the accountability and not betraying your own spirit. Acknowledging beauty, even when it's not pleasing, and gathering your own life to move forward from its existence.

That is a Spiritual Human

Persistently celebrating others no matter how enlightened you’ve become. Giving because of how much Love you carry.

Holding ground a midst the blaze. Being quiet with yourself and enjoying the empty moments.

Being tender. Being authentic. Embracing the Earth, letting your hair get tangled and your feet muddy. Dancing amongst hardship.

That is a Spiritual Human

Be gentle with Yourself, You are Your Whole Life.

Cheers to Wellness,


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