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The Irrational Act of Spiritual Surrender

It is with much emotion that I share that our beautiful space is undergoing a massive renovation. We will be closing for the month of January. Over the past three years in this space our floors have proved to be an issue. We have finally learned that hydrostatic pressure and improperly sealed concrete has caused our epoxy floors to bubble, crack, and ooze water. In some places the floors have eroded away so much that we have potholes. This has caused not only an issue with them being unsightly, they have also been a constant cleaning responsibility and the unevenness is unsafe for walking. 

If you have been in Axiom Lux over the past few months you most likely are aware of my disdain and frustration towards these floors. Oftentimes, I have found myself talking directly to the floors and their oozing water asking them what they are trying to show me and what am I not seeing in regards to the situation and what they symbolize. 

While it is quite difficult navigating the logistics, I have decided that shutting down is what we GET to do. We get to lean into this very uncomfortable situation, all that it is disrupting and find a new expansion. This situation has caused much pause and reflection of myself. My own in depth soul work, that's reflecting as the soul work of the business and what it truly means to show up in my highest potential.

There is a vast and quiet symbolism about the floors or the foundation of Axiom Lux. I built this business from nothing with the intention of supporting others. There have been times where I was kicking and screaming, as things snowballed in front of me, seemingly out of control, fast and furious. 

Everything that Axiom Lux is has unfolded from the love of showing up and loving others in their hard. Honoring others in their triumphs. Holding space for others as they peel apart the pieces of their life and walk with them as they show up and rescue themselves. The intention to be a safe space was from doing so much of my own healing alone. I wanted a community and a space to walk the walk with, I knew I wasn't the only one seeking solace and connection. 

I am being called to lean into my own hard, honor my triumphs, hold space for myself and peel apart the pieces and rescue myself. I get to companion myself, to exceptionally compainion others, as they compainion me in return. A beautiful cycle of support.

The growth, expansion, contraction and evolution of Axiom Lux has been quite purposeful. Though I implemented and worked with the moving parts, I truly cannot take full credit. This business is led by Divine Guidance. This business has called me into the irritation act of full spiritual surrender to the Love and LIght of God and my Soul Purpose.

The foundation, outward appearance, inner appearance, perimeters and boundaries that Axiom Lux has grown from are being asked to shift and change. The floors of Axiom Lux represent the layers needed that need to be peeled away. The water under the epoxy represents the need for flexible, fluid movement. It has been stuck and bursting out with pressure. The water is calling me to be curious, to ebb and flow, showing me that what was so beautiful in its outward appearance was holding me back from a truly solid space to expand.

It has called me to observe true empowerment and disempowerment of myself, my business and my community. It has called me to seek growth from a space of embodied mindfulness.

Witnessing, in this vulnerable lens has helped me to acknowledge where I have been in my own way.  It means releasing constricting and rigid boundaries and stepping outside of a box of where I thought was safe. I can see my own survival responses to lack, scarcity, worthiness and love.

I am excited to bend further into curiosity and visualize infinite possibilities. I am unsure how to layout and implement all details and logistics, yet and I trust that I will continue to find the fluid movement within new boundaries. As difficult and uncomfortable, it is additionally empowering. My cycles and patterns have unfolded and propelled me into personal and business shadow work.

New accountability. New boundaries. New flexibility.

New curiosity.

I'm in the depths of rigorous, bottomless and extensive soul work, it is deeper and more vast than cognitive knowing. It's a Soul knowing stretching through and past the helpful tools of tarot cards and crystals, asking ourselves why are we here in a human body and how do we stand in our individual highest potential. This work is the BIGGER picture.

Absolute surrender work. The acknowledgement that our spiritual journey and our life are not separate, they are literally the same. Life doesn't get in the way of your spiritual practice, it IS your spiritual practice. 

I trust this change is exactly as it is supposed to be and though I may not enjoy it, I trust the endless lessons of showing how to surrender and be an active participant in life. It's an AND/BOTH, it is living in duality of actively showing up and believing. Not just surviving, but thriving in the shift. Divine timing is always on time.

As the foundation and boundaries of Axiom Lux are rebuilt and shift, the community will be presented with new growth and opportunity. We look forward to growing together!

Cheers to Wellness of the Mind, Body and Spirit!

With much Love and Peace,


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