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Energetic Currency: How to Empower Yourself with Reiki, Spiritual Mentorship and Energy Work

Everything has a currency. And I'm not just talking about monetary currency. There is always an energetic exchange in all that we participate with in life. The give and take, the ebb and flow, the cycle of when this happens, then this happens. The question is what are you willing to pay for what you are receiving? What is too high of a price? Is it worth sacrificing your continuous peace for a moment of perceived peace, this is the currency of empowerment and disempowerment.

Paying with carrying heavy burdens, physically in the body or emotionally

Paying with worry

Paying with cycles of destruction

Paying with living and wearing a facade

Paying with a lack mindset

Paying with fear

Sometimes the immediate reaction is not the empowered response. That a choice of what seems to provide immediate safety only perpetuates your cycle of personal dishonesty. How we choose to be truly honest in the way that we pay for ours lives. How can we show up with energetic integrity for all that we interact with? Where can we practice more self awareness to truly empower ourselves and others with the constant flow of choices that unfold in our lives?

My Spiritual Mentorship and Reiki practice has a holistic approach allowing you to more clearly understand your relationship with yourself, and your energetic cycles of mind, body, spirit . Working together you will remember how valuable you are, and believe you are enough and KNOW it to your core. You will have an understanding that you do not need to become someone else, that you get to work with all that you already are. You are your own healer with Reiki Spiritual Mentorship and energy work.

Reclaiming your power is also empowering to everyone in your life. True empowerment of the self, supports everyone in your life, as you gift yourself clarity of your inner wisdom, you provide clarity and strength for others to stand in their own truth. When you stop outsourcing your self-worth and lending yourself away, you stop unhealthy relationship patterns. You will understand your enabling patterns of destruction so that you CAN really live the life YOU want, life in your highest potential and define success and happiness on YOUR terms.

You are not and never have been broken.

You do not need to be fixed.

You are already more than enough.

The intention behind my reiki and spiritual mentorship practice is to deliver a space to unveil what is working behind the scenes and to step into what is really true for you, as well as move from a reactive place to a place that's curious and creative. This is called shadow work, looking at the spaces you cannot actively see and pulling them into the light for viewing. Through cultivating this sacred space and honoring who you are, with my personal mission always at play, I utilize all of my training, personal experience and knowledge to help you achieve personal transformation. The value of what is delivered here has no true monetary value, as the tools and insights you have will equip you to harness your own potential to create a life of joy and flexibility.

I've often struggled with the idea of spending money on myself or my personal growth throughout various aspects of my life. Honestly, I used to undercharge and overwork. Investing in myself was very uncomfortable for me, it was a lot easier to spend it on others, especially my children. But, in every single instance, one thing always held true: when I chose the potential of change and growth and harnessed trust in myself and in this process, and did what felt good, I was rewarded far beyond what I thought was possible. Today, I uphold this value and have my clients invest in themselves.

When it comes to investing in yourself, please do one thing: drop into your body, into your heart space and let it decide for you. Don’t allow the fearful mind to make such an important decision. The part of you that makes the decision to invest in your potential is the same part of you that will do all the work to make the life you want, the life you live. Any part of you that’s still scared is simply your conditioning and we can work to move through it.

I see that you are ready for a powerful transformation that will exponentially allow for growth in all areas of your life, schedule your free 30 minute empowering conversation now. You don't have to know where or how to start, I can help. Or you can jump right in with the session that is calling to you, listen to your knowing! I'm excited and ready to walk with you, for you.

cheers to wellness,


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