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Triggers + Shadow Work

As children we may have dreamed someone would come and save us, never dreaming that it would in fact be ourselves as an adult. And here we are.

I remember through out a lot of my life and well into adulthood, being so fearful of change, change meant that I was entering the unknown and that my sense of control would be lost. I physically hurt when I knew something was about to shift. I wanted to feel the baseline of balance and and to feel centered in my life but didn’t know how or what that looked like.

I must tell you, I have learned that the only way to heal is to stop standing looking at the pain or shoving it away and go through. Embracing the wholeness of ourselves, we will be able to move forward with triumph.

We are all so multifaceted, meaning that each of us have so many layers upon layers and observing each together can feel beyond overwhelming.

But taking apart your layers one at a time allows for you to see with more clarity in the complexity. The first step to healing is identifying what triggers us, observing ourselves and our thoughts with discernment, detaching from false beliefs then and releasing the feelings that stem from them as they are not of truth.

This means to stop and notice our breath when we are feeling ourselves rise with the chaos. Whether the chaos is inside or outside we must find the pause before moving forward. The pause is imperative. It is what allows for us to notice gently. When we are able to walk through our pain, observing without being swept into the chaos we are able to heal because trauma comes back as a reaction not a full memory when triggered.

Inner freedom and peace is making a practice out of connecting to yourself and your feelings fully.

By judging our feelings as good or bad, we will find that we are suppressing the so called bad emotions. Judgment is self abandonment and we find we beat ourselves up in the moments when we are not experiencing our “good” emotions. Feel whatever your feeling. Give yourself grace.

We don’t have to get caught up in the should have, would have, and guilt scenarios. They aren’t helpful. We have the ability to stop and not participate in those thoughts. We have the power to choose which thoughts are showcased in our mind.

Emotions are a highlight reel of your connection to yourself. Anger, grief and sadness are not bad. They are gifts indicating that there is something happening inside of you and to practice pause and pay attention, when you pause and pay attention you will be able to uncover the source that the emotions are stemming from.

Emotions are tools for keeping us whole and keeping us connected to our heart. Acknowledge, lean into, and observe them. Set boundaries for yourself of what you will allow in your space. By taking back your thoughts, you're taking back your power and therefore taking back voice. When you do that, you can show up for yourself in a way that claims your mental space as yours, not a space controlled by false beliefs, others opinions and emotions built on untruths.

Take back your life with shadow work, lean into yourself. You have already done so much work from your past, and you will always have more work ahead of you. Finding the way to navigate is important.

Go to Take A Class or Attend An Event | Axiom Lux to register for the Emotional triggers class. We are on Part 2 of this 3 part series, these classes can be taken all together or separately. Because healing isn’t linear, it doesn’t matter where you start, just that you start.

Releasing the need to see yourself as broken is one of the biggest milestones for healing. Your triggers are there to show you what needs to be healed, and I will support you in the how.

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