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I Make Motherhood Easier

Being a mama is a blessing and a gift, but let's be honest, it's also one of the most difficult journeys. There is not one "guide to motherhood" that works for every mama. There is not one answer to every concern and often times if you ask 100 mamas you will get 99 different answers. With that many different opinions and options, it can be even challenging to know who to trust with accurate, evidence based information, that is individual for your child.

Trust a registered nurse, one who can assess you and your precious child and support you to make motherhood easier. That's my motto and it's that simple; I make motherhood easier.

I started my private nursing practice a year ago with the hopes of being able to help, encourage and support other mamas. My in your home and virtual services provide peace of mind in a supportive environment. I am a mama myself, I get it, I have zero judgment; your goals are my goals. I exclusively pumped for my daughter for 15 months and want to share what works and be the support to encourage mamas to follow THEIR feeding journey.  From pregnancy to motherhood, I have got you covered.

I offer birthing classes, lactation services, pumping support, pediatric sleep consultation, hands on 1 hour infant/child CPR/choking classes and so much more. And bonus, my services may be covered under your insurance plans. I love what I do and am so passionate about helping mamas. I enjoy helping families find sleep, seeing growing little healthy ones, and a content mama.  If you have questions or concerns, my consultations are always free and I would love to chat.

Amanda Ibanez RN,

Lactation Counselor, Sleep Coach

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