HealHER Journey

Featured Writer, Kai'lah Hayes

Normal was always a peculiar thing for me. I wanted to be “normal” so bad but not only did I never feel like I fit in this world. I was raised to stand out. While most kids were playing hopscotch and riding bikes, I was in mandatory daily rehearsals in my divorced parents African dance troupe: Creative Impulse. Traveling to different cities for conferences , exhibits , festivals etc. Consistently on a stage from almost birth to adulthood.

The motto was always “The show must go on” no matter what. "I don't care if you feel like you are about to pass out, you finish the show then pass out later" and “ you never let 'em see you sweat”. I never knew that those same teachings would be the very thing I would have to deconstruct later in life. That strength mentality came from my mother. The strongest woman I will ever know. The same type of strength that was instilled in me, which was fine until she got sick.

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