Choosing A Reiki Master Teacher

Training in Reiki healing can be a vastly empowering experience, it can be the key that unlocks life changing healing and transformation. I started my journey of energy healing 8 years ago with the hands-on-healing technique Reiki. I had one energy healing session prior to training, and knew I was meant to pursue it. I signed up for Reiki I with a local teacher who had a wonderful reputation for healing, and had worked directly with William Rand, the originator of the Usui/Tibetan system of Reiki and founder and president of The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), The Center for Reiki Research and The Reiki Membership Association. I practiced as a Reiki Master Teacher for 7 years before I taught.

It’s common to feel a yearning and pull that leads you into this work. It’s a journey guided by your soul, that is less about working on and ‘healing’ others, and more about healing yourself. I often tell my students that Reiki, along with your higher self, will know when you’re ready to start or pursue the next level. When that time comes, energy healing will enter your awareness, interest, and guide you to the right teacher and training meant for you. Choosing your teacher is an important step on your journey. Their approach, beliefs, attitude, ethics, and professionalism are highly influential to you and the integrity of this sacred work. It’s important to do your research and learn from a teacher with whom you resonate with.

Below are few things to consider when finding a teacher and will help give an idea of which teachers you feel a connection with. The most important piece of information I encourage is to listen and trust is your intuition. It will lead you to the right teacher and training that is for your highest good, growth, and healing. If you’re feeling unclear or unsure, I suggest prayer and meditation to help guide your way. Prayer will open the line of communication with God and meditation will give you the opportunity to receive God’s guidance through your inner knowing.