Awakening of A Shattered Soul

Featured Writer, Mel Badger

It’s funny how the human mind can create such extreme denial in certain situations. For nearly seven years I was in denial that cancer would kill my mother, yet, at 59, she was gone. Even when she finally sat me down and said, “Mel, there’s nothing more we can do. I’m dying.“ , I still could not accept it.

I couldn’t even bring myself to help her with basic and not so basic things towards the end of her life. Because doing this, doing things for her that I never had to do before would be like accepting the inevitable. Taking care of the one person who has taken care of me my whole life, just seemed wrong. And on top of all of this, my mother, who was raised as a strict, devout Christian, who would never even think of believing anything taboo, or woo-woo, was adamant that I was given the gift of healing. And she knew this wasn’t a gift I had received from God to heal her, but this was my life’s purpose for oth