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Reiki and Pregnancy

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

When my husband, Dan and I got married we wanted to start a family right away. After 6 months of trying we hadn’t seen any success. I know that many try for much longer without success and I wanted to reach out to my Dr. to see if there was anything that we needed to do to help us on our journey. A bit of blood testing was done on my end and everything showed I was completely healthy.

While I was at a friend’s house sharing my story, she suggested that I try Reiki. She had learned how to practice and briefly explained that it is the God energy transmuted through the Reiki Healer and out their hands. That the practioner holds space for the recipients energy to shift out the old and into a higher vibration. I said I was willing to try anything and was excited to have her work on me.

I laid with my head in her lap, with her hands on my head. I suddenly felt warmth and calm coming from her hands. I began to see beautiful swirling colors in my minds-eye, I was giggling, and surprised with how much I was experiencing. While she worked, she envisioned two boys playing and one with curly hair. She said it was so vivid and beautiful. After the session I felt calm and refreshed and very intrigued with the entire experience.

The next month, I was pregnant with my now curly headed 7-year-old boy. At the time I had no idea how the reiki session helped, and I didn’t care. Looking back, I realize that I had shifted out of old energy patterns that were holding me back from obtaining my soul purpose. While pregnant I decided that I needed to learn how to also practice Reiki, I searched for weeks trying to find a place where I could learn and finally finding a local yoga studio that offered the class. My first class was powerful, I remember feeling like I needed to know all about energy and holistic healing. It was as if these flood gates were opened and God was continuing to show me life’s amazing beauty. While pregnant I received 2 of the 3 classes and received my Master Teacher level just after Xavier was born. My child helped unlock my life's true calling. And I have been blessed with two boys, just as she envisioned in our session.

I used Reiki while pregnant to help the anxiety and stress that came with being considered high risk, I used it to alleviate the constant pain in my body, and I used it to help others. I also used it to connect to my unborn child and surround him with love and peace. During labor I used Reiki to find a place to allow myself to go within and submit to the transition of life giving.

It is such beautiful tool that God gifted me to utilize for myself and others, and I will be forever grateful. Without Reiki, I do not think that I would be the person I have evolved to now.

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1 Comment

Incredible and so beautiful 💖 I’m so grateful you’re able to share your gift!!!

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