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To Nurture, To Inspire

11 years ago I began my holistic journey when I was told I would never be able to conceive.  I was just beginning massage therapy school when I had heard of a certification course in Fertility.  I was intrigued and signed up immediately.  Along with this course was Prenatal & Post Natal Certification course. I was at the point where if I could not bare my own children I would specialize in the mothers that can.  Take care of them and show them the love that can be offered through massage.

Upon taking both the Fertility & Prenatal Certifications I started my studies on Women and the growing belly.  Working with women who were told exactly as I was, that they have no chance of baring children.  

I've built Open Arms around the heart of women, although all are welcome.  The ones that can bare children and the ones who have a little more trouble convincing.   Just over 3 years ago I was giving the opportunity from Claire Marie Miller herself who developed the courses in Fertility Massage and Prenatal Massage, I became the instructor of Prenatal, Postnatal and Delivery Support over Ohio and Michigan.  

Our mission, 'To nurture, to inspire and to provide Open Arms to those that seek more in life. To those that want to live well, love life and most of all enjoy it! By nurturing oneself through massage therapy, aesthetics, self love and yoga!

Over the last 10 years I have brought together a wellness center based on wellness to the human body.  All things from sound healing, different massage modalities, aesthetics for skin care and yoga.  All of which came over time. 

And now accepting Health Insurance which was one of my biggest accomplishments along with my children!

Ashley J. Hirzel, LMT/Owner 2300 Navarre Ave. Suite 204

Oregon, Ohio 43616 (419) 461-3879 Mobile (419) 720-8604 Office

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