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The Bradley Way

My holistic journey really kicked off during my first pregnancy and throughout my early stages of motherhood. When I was pregnant with my first child, I knew I wanted to experience something different than what I understood to be the typical medical community’s offerings.

I sought out natural childbirth classes which my husband and I attended during the months leading up to my expected due date. We learned the numerous benefits to a natural birth experience and walked away feeling empowered and excited to bring our little one here healthy and safe. We felt ready to advocate for what was best for our family and have continued to use the tools we learned to this day throughout our parenting.

We knew sticking to a holistic path worked for us for childbirth and applied that thought line to breastfeeding, nutrition, diapering and health care for all our children and it of course spread into other parts of our household as well.

All of our birth experiences have grown and challenged me and after my second child arrived, I knew I wanted to share my knowledge and perspective with other families. I became an affiliated instructor with The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth in 2008 and began doula work in 2010. I am also a breastfeeding advocate and have enjoyed helping mothers through my work with La Leche League.

I continue to build my passion for the holistic lifestyle and enjoy dabbling in herbs, natural remedies and fermenting. I love sharing my enthusiasm with my children and all the wonderful families I support through my birth work. It has been a tremendous blessing to me and I am grateful to be able to continue to serve the community.

Jeanette Albright, AAHCC

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