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Motherhood and Healing: A Responsibility to Ourselves and our Children

Motherhood. It initiates you to experience a love unlike anything you’ve ever known and can also open you to a world of worries, insecurities, and unhealed wounds from your past. It is necessary to feel the love and the fear of motherhood, to shift into the empowered Mama you are uncovering.

Being a mother is quite demanding, and without proper self-care, it can be depleting. Focusing on the wellbeing and health of mothers will empower them, making children happier, and the world a more compassionate and loving place. It starts with supporting the Mother, and when a mother makes the conscious decision to heal, astonishing and magnificent things begin to manifest. Beauty is revealed.

As a mother, you hold an astonishing amount of power within you. Your female body is not only created to bring life into this world; it holds the healing to transform the world. You have the capacity within to heal the past and manifest beautiful potential for yourself and children. The mental and physical load of motherhood can be a lot, and to be the best mother and version of yourself; you must establish space and time for healing. Through your own self-discovery, you can break the cycles of trauma including not having enough and not being enough. You can release fear focused beliefs about yourself, others and the world that may have been passed for generations. You can be the change.

Many of us are emotionally removed from our inner child, our inner play. We’ve forgotten how we viewed the world with curiosity and wonder. When connected with our child within, we can learn how to honor our genuine being and extend that awareness outward to our children. A mother who creates a space to connect and nurture her inner child, will also build a capacity to connect with her children. Instincts take the lead, playful wholeness is remembered.

When you become a mother, the significance of your healing becomes magnified and sometimes urgent. If the pain from the past remains forgotten and embedded in your energy, it will become projected into the future through your interactions with your children. By moving inward, connecting with yourself that isn’t judgmental and open, you will become a mindful and aware parent. This consciousness will not only serve your children, but it will also help you in mothering yourself, providing power and guidance to your inner child. You don’t have to have it right, you just have to take it one step at a time, moment by moment.

With healing you can notice judgmental thoughts, and diminish them. The more you practice compassion for yourself and let yourself glow, you will become aware that the harmful and punishing thoughts are less and less. The more that you aspire to be and live in love, the more that you will notice it coming back to you. Sadness, disappointment, and anger are all part of being human. If you weren’t taught as a child how to process heavy emotions, you could feel uncomfortable and challenged to support your children with their big feelings. As a mother who chooses the path of love and healing, you can learn how to navigate emotions in a healthy and encouraging way, allowing them to be supported and not changed.

Without recognizing how our own experiences shape our view of the world, we may unknowingly harm with the intention to love. If, as a child, you felt abandoned or unloved, as a parent, you may be tempted to give your child all of your attention, even at the expense of not taking time for yourself. This worry is driving you to promise that your child will never feel the way you did. This will lead to the parent trying to heal childhood wounds through her children, and possibly to codependency. When you become conscious of what you’re holding onto from the past, you can choose to vibrate higher, release the past and guide your actions lovingly.

You came here with a unique set of gifts and

purpose to accomplish; you knew as a child that anything was possible. You can rekindle this knowing, rediscover your gifts, and extend the teachings to your children. It’s easy to feel drained and empty when you’re giving so much of yourself every single day. When you’re mindlessly giving until you have nothing left, you must learn how to love yourself, when your cup begins to flow over, the love flows through you rather than from you.

Every single one of us has something to heal from and move through. This is how we grow and evolve. Healing is an essential, meaningful, and beautiful piece of the human experience. There is always work to be done. Healing is not about sitting in the low vibrational energies and staying there; it’s about bringing the stuck energy to the surface and releasing it to let your inner light shine bright.

Cheers to Wellness!

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So beautifully written!! 💞

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