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Honoring Release with Reverent Respect

Featured Writer, Linnea Voss

There are many memes and quotes on the internet today that are meant to empower us. One that has become increasingly popular is  the saying “let it go.” It sounds so freeing!! It also might sound dismissive to some. There is no doubt this saying has been around since humans came into existence. There is truth to the result of the process!! What might the steps look like for us to be able to live out this seemingly simple advice?

In order to gain momentum to make this happen, awareness of the physical manifestations of feelings and emotions need to be noticed in the body.

This noticing might look like giving some attention and space to pain or discomfort in your body. For example, when focusing on something you would like to “let go” of, do you notice your breathing pattern change, your jaw or shoulders tense up? Does your belly ache or feel queasy? These areas of discomfort are exactly what to look for in order to honor the emotions attached to them. 

Our instincts tell us to run away from discomfort and our habits have taught us to distract ourselves from them. This time you will want to tell yourself you are safe and stay in the discomfort as long as you can. 

Please stay there the same way you’d sit with a grieving loved one; with reverent respect, with no rush for them to move on from their grief, you will be able to create space for yourself to “let it go.”

Each time you practice this, you will honor yourself. By connecting with your body the same way you’d sit with a wise elderly friend, telling you a story. You wouldn’t judge, or disrupt. Just lovingly listen. You will begin to remember your own wisdom

In your “letting go” process, you might notice that your focus experience links up to a collective energy entity. If so, you will be responsible for noticing what’s happening in your body. Once again honoring it with reverent respect. The magical thing about the collective energy entity is that as you begin to release and let things go, you add to the lightness and higher good of the entire collective!

When we honor ourselves right where we are, with no judgements or expectations, we are showing ourselves the deepest love possible! The love of the universe. Our creator. As we remember who we are, we raise our vibrational frequency and the frequency of the collective entity as well!!

These practices can move you from a life of constant fear and pain into a life of inquisitive, curiosity of what the next experience can teach us. 

 Instead of resisting life we can enjoy the moment with patient awareness. This presence will help to discern and decide how to respond in stressful situations and further assist you to “let it go” before the emotion can get stored in the body and manifest as physical pain. Further honoring yourself as perfectly imperfect human and giving yourself grace when not at your best will also be pivotal in your “letting go” journey. 

Please know that this is not meant to be a tutorial. Rather a call to remember the sentient being that you are. Find the place inside yourself where you know you are only responsible for doing your best to honor yourself and honoring everyone around you will follow suit.

Once you begin and regularly practice giving some loving attention to your soul, you will feel your deep connection to the universe as peace, love and joy. You will remember your ancient wisdom and your purpose to fulfill here. We are all one, created to be free. We are restricted by the limitations we place on ourselves and once we realize we have a choice to be free, we can all actively participate to “let it go” everyday!!

Access your ability today! We ARE all in this together! 

Linnea Voss

Healing Practioner with Axiom Lux

Certified Usui Reiki Master

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