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Everything and Nothing at the Same Time

A friend sent me a text a couple days ago: How are you?

I started with the normal empty responses, yet her simple text caused me to pause and reflect.

How am I, REALLY?

And I didn't exactly know how I was.

"I'm fine", what does that even mean? Am I thriving? Am I surviving?

Am I everything and nothing at the same time?

How am I?

I'm concerned for the future of all of our children.

I'm saddened with all of the hate in the world.

I'm hopeful that I am raising babies to make a difference.

I'm love.

I am engulfed with empathy for those that are struggling and searching for a better way of living.

I am joyous as I watch my children play and laugh.

I am exhausted that my children can bring me to the brink of insanity.

I am wounded from darkness I have lived.

I am peace and tolerance.

I'm struggling to be present.

I'm overwhelmed with my to do list.

I'm passionate about trying to navigate life with grace.

I'm bursting with love and gratuity of what I do everyday as a career.

I'm worried I take on too much.

I'm light.

I am tired. I am trusting.

I am aware.

I am full of life.

I am worn out from doing all the things.

I am excited for new beginnings and change.

I'm a bundle of emotions that are intertangled within me that even acknowledging one of those emotions might be the tipping point of spillage.

How am I?

Well, I'm everything and nothing and a complete complicated beautiful mess.

I am experiencing life as a very feeling and sensitive person. I'm doing my best.

Some days life feels big, some days life feel like a lot and some days life feels like complete bliss and joy.

Some days life feels like a twisted mix of


How are you?

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