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we are not alone

There is a connection with the spirit realm that needs recognized. We've taken ourselves there and yet forget to connect.

When we open that part of ourselves, there is a realization of completeness and warmth. I encourage you to go there now. Take a deep breath and relax. We are a part of something so much bigger than ALL of this mess that we are feeling.

When we are apart of this Earth and the Other Side, we can connect to all pieces of the puzzle. If there isn't the full connection, we are scattered and feel lost.

Believe that you can and are; and you will be.

This is a time of passage that we are experiencing that has such depth and our character is being tested. Know that we are in the right place and the right time, that all is well.

It is a time of growth and learning and this too shall past with the momentum that it came about. We need not fear the unknown, the unknown is known by God, kept in a safe place. We are not alone in our journeys, ancestors are always with us, guiding and protecting through all the hardships and adventures of our world.

It is not a time to worry, we are safe and well looked after. Fear not. Drink in the beauty that surrounds and do not live in the negative.

Like attracts likeness, manifesting what we believe to be. If there is a time that you do feel left out, alone, lost. Know that there is guidance to help, we can reach out in prayer or turn to a wise teacher or spiritual counseler.

We have guides on this path of life, this path has taken us through so much learning already. Be brave, go forth with strength and courage and know that this too will pass like the wind and we will look at it with wise reflection.

There is more coming to endure but there is not a time that we will have to fight alone. Family on both sides of the realm are willing to be with us. This is a time of trial, a time of error, a time of offerings of peace. Accept the peace that is laid at your feet and go forth. There is no reason to stay put. Go.

Take the time to get to know your emotion aspects of this situation, all of your layers. It's a moment of growth on our journey. Peace is there if we are willing to take it. It is Ours. Bookmark your life moments of beauty to address when you have moments of difficulty. Reminding that there is a rainbow after the storm.

It is in the time of strife that we grow as humans. That is when we evolve.

Breathe. Relax. Find comfort in the chaos and know that all is well.

Cheers to Wellness!


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