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The New Paradigm

There are literally no limits. We set the limits. We are breaking through our own barriers to provide and see the truth. Let those voices inside of us become a little louder. Let us hear the messages we are being told.

We are powerful and strong. We are the warriors of wisdom and truth, we are the movement that will change how the world is perceived and lived in.

Be the voices of change, the voices of resistance to stagnation, the voices of love.

The vicious cycle of fear, lies, and worries will no longer live in the new paradigm. This shift brings awareness of thought, awareness of love and awareness of God. We cannot wait to be ready, we must act now.

Be the change, be the love, be the wisdom. Hear it from the depths of your soul. Listen, remember, be one with the knowing inside of you. You are the infinite love and light.

Generations are healing through our healing, we are shifting the world reality by healing ourselves. The burdens that your ancestors carried are no longer a burden for you to bear, you are releasing the ties that hold you accountable to that energy. You are shifting the paradigm, you are becoming the balance and the light. Without the heaviness of the past we can move freely to our highest good with ease. It’s a transition that has taken generations to break the cycle, but we are now a part of the biggest shift. We are the shift.

Allowing the energy to flow in and move through us allows the past to move with it. We are owning the heaviness of the world and then allowing it to move to a new vibration of light. We are evolving at a much faster rate than ever and it is waking those around us. Human existence as we know it will never be the same, it will now be known as a much less dense version of our reality.

Were taking what we know and living it with pure thought and intention. Being one with the earth and each other will allow this shift to happen with ease and with a feeling of calm. When we resist the paradigm shift is when we will find difficultly and heaviness. No matter it will happen. It will shift. It will become the new normal of life and when it happens it will be like nothing we now understand.

Ride the waves allow the energy to flow. Be one with it and you will find contentment.

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My soul is responding “YES!!!!” This is so invigorating and exciting 💖💖💖

Gefällt mir
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