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Remembering your Divine Feminine

Can you hear your Empowered Femininity calling?

When our feminine energy is blocked or suppressed, it leaves us feeling disconnected and empty on the inside and looking and expressing dullness and tension on the outside. We lose our sense of Self and our authentic relationships with the world.

When our feminine energy is working in harmony with our masculine counterpart, we joyfully embrace ourselves and the world around us. We are rejuvenated and replenished. We are able to flourish from exactly where we are. We lead a more balanced life. We are truthful to who we are extending our joy with others.

Balancing one’s feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) is essential for every human being. Yang is creative, bright, protective and expressive, it reaches out to the sky. This is your external radiance. While Yin, receptive, mysterious, resourceful, and intuitive, roots back to the earth. This is your internal radiance. Yin and Yang constantly interact with each other, as day follows the night, and night follows the day. This dynamic makes our Universe.

Contrary to the common misconceptions, that feminine (yin) is weak and masculine (yang) is aggressive or controlling, these are symptoms that the energies have been misused. Both yin and yang are essential and powerful in their own ways. When we embody and integrate these two divine qualities, wholeness is vibrant beyond measure.

Yin and Yang depend on each other. Yang is the hollow, gorgeous, abstract light; Yin is the deep, beautiful, substantial shadow. Yang is the direct connection with sacredness; while Yin translates this indescribable reverence into our material world, and can manifest with grace and abundance. Yang is the pure, formless spirit, and Yin gives such spirit form.

That means, our body is the Yin aspect of our entire existence.

Your body hosts a home for your very essence. No matter what size or shape you come with, learn to love and appreciate it deeper. To be rooted in our feminine energy and to achieve a more balanced and truthful living, getting back into our body is absolutely fundamental. With a full schedule and fast-paced living, many of us are too familiar with the feeling of burning the candle at both ends. We are constantly under pressure to achieve more and become good at ignoring our body’s messages, as if it is a separate entity from the rest of ourselves.

While our Masculine Self is directly linked with the conscious, our Feminine Self is highly connected with the mystery and the subconscious mind with a priority in our emotions.

Our emotions are energy that ebb and flow like the seasons and the ocean and many other natural occurrences. Problems occur when we bury, oppress, or deny our emotions; those blocked, stagnant, neglected waves will haunt us in unexpected manners. Just because we choose not to engage with our feelings, does not mean that they do not exist.

When you accept your anger, disappointment, pain, and sadness, just as they are, the energies will not stagnant or accumulate. Instead the energies will continue to move and you will flow with life easier. If we suppress our emotions, ironically we are giving our power to the emotions rather than using them to navigate our happiness.

We can let our truth out through our creative outlets.

We can take responsibility and correct our mistakes.

We can forgive and adjust ourselves.

We can reinvent ourselves and wear hope and openness all over again.

Feminine power is our humility, adaptability and curiosity. It opens us to a sensory world. It takes us long and far in life. Feminine power resides in silence, in the pause, held deeply in your essence. Feminine power does not push, she attracts and invites. She draws in genuine interests. Feminine power pays us respect, provides us sustenance, and above all, it makes daily living more enjoyable.

Feminine power not only make us reside calmly in our place in the Universe, it also enhances and enriches others lives allowing for a harmonious community. Like Mama Earth, our Divine Feminine makes the world practical and real. She holds it all together: the male and the female, the high and the low, the expansion and the contraction, the seeking and returning.

We are children of the Sacred, exploring on Earth.

Our softness, our emotions, our body wisdom are just as important as our strength, stamina and spiritual pursuit. We can and should radiate both internally and externally.

Let’s remember the Divinity within us.

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