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Beacon of Hope

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I am committed to be a beacon of hope and remembering. To be apart of the storytellers, the weavers, the makers of magic, music and love, and the ones that are ready to take action.

This is what I am made for. I will listen to my own voice, let it speak truth and kindness and let my light shine to others still searching. I am a fierce warrior with a fury love in my heart. I am all that is good. The words of wisdom that I speak have been earned and seared into my soul. I will move forward with confidence that truth and justice will prevail.

I am a warrior of peace.

And when the waters still.

When waters calm.

I will know I rode the waves of ugly hatefulness through to the other side.

I committed to listen NOT with the intent to reply, but with the intent to understand. To speak only after yielding and speak with clarity of my message and purpose.

With continued personal growth and emotional self-mastery I am able to process trauma, hold space for others and be fully present with my uncomfortable emotions. The truth of who I am is the manifestation of my authentic nature. Once thoughts, beliefs, expectations and limitations have been peeled away it is then manifested through the words I use and the actions I take. I then sprinkle love over it all.

I am learning to surrender and to be fully aware of the jagged edges living inside, aware of the lies I carry as truths to preserve trauma. Lies and half-truths do nothing to serve anyone, instead it often has the effect of making everyone feel confused and unsettled.

I've learned that when our feminine energy is working in harmony with the masculine, we joyfully embrace ourselves and the world around us. We are rejuvenated and replenished. We are able to flourish from exactly where we are. We lead a more balanced life. We are truthful to who we are.

Truth and honesty coupled with compassion and love is a lovely combination. They are the crucial ingredients needed to bake an authentic life. We want to please everyone, it’s great for the ego, but it’s an absolute myth, an impossibility. So let’s stop trying to.

Let’s embrace our messy, our wounds, our ugly. Everything that is hidden behind the masks that we wear when entering life.

Let’s take off our masks and just be our real authentic selves.

Full of mistakes

and Full of beauty.

Cheers to Wellness!

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😍❤️🙌 TRUTH!!!


Amy Peoples
Amy Peoples
Mar 24, 2020


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