Embracing Each Moment with Gratitude

Axiom Lux started from humble homemade herbal remedies and energy healing work done on the family, slowly becoming what it is today: a hub for personal development + growth while supporting holistic empowerment.  The mission of Axiom Lux is to weave an understanding of wellness encompassing the mind, body, and spirit throughout the community, while also supporting each individual, 

as they are, with welcoming acceptance.


Axiom Lux strives to be a safe place for all to remember and embrace their inner truth

with grace + gratitude.

Cheers to Wellness,

Peace, Love + Axiom Lux

Meet the Axiom Lux Team


Rebecca Ahern

| Owner of Axiom Lux |

Reiki Master Teacher + Spiritual Mentor
Specializing in Energy Healing,
Women's Mindset + Shadow Work


Rebecca, an Intuitive Healer, has been called to assist you to your highest potential, enhance your quality of life + personal growth. 


On this journey of spiritual growth + discipline, she guides you inward where you learn more about your inner truths, wisdom, direction + true authentic self. Becoming more aware of your wellness in completeness.


Her work is to help you discover + connect with your own inner knowing, guide you on how to follow your life map, assisting with clearing  whatever stands in the way of happiness, peace, health, love + abundance.

With her natural empathic intuitive gifts + years of honed practice, Rebecca is able to tap into your space; bringing awareness to how you can heal buried traumas. 

The Axiom Lux Team


Linnea Voss

Reiki Master Teacher

Virtues Project Facilitator

Linnea will support you by helping you to gain perspective on your inherent divine gifts, guiding you to see that you are full of divine potential. She will guide you to speak an internal language of love, grace and respect which will allow you more clarity and room for forward growth in your life.


Lena Perez

Advanced Reiki II Practitioner

The heart behind Seeds of Intention.

Lena works with plant spirit medicine, studies Central American spirituality aspiring to follow Curanderismo practices. Lena also focuses on shamanic journey and dreamwork.



Ashley Forche

Certified Integrative Health Practioner 

Advanced Reiki II Practitioner

Breathwork Facilitator

 Let Ashley help you return to this natural state. Know that there is another way and that it is not your destiny to be sick. Ashley provides a container for you to create a healthy lifestyle by implementing small changes that work for you.


Meg Hedrick


Advanced Reiki II Practitioner

Meg, an astrologer and creator, translates astrological charts into a language that describes our journey through life. Her love of knowledge and learning is vast, extending far beyond astrology.


Lisa Bardoni

Intuitive Medium + Spiritual Advisor

Accepting and embracing her gift for the past 5 years, Lisa helps clients with connecting to loved ones that have crossed over, and to facilitate healing on

 moving forward. Although connecting to loved ones on the other side is what she’s most known for, she is also an asset is supporting clients with health, relationships, finances,  and spirituality


Ragina Donatelli

Reiki Master Teacher

Gina tends to attract clients who are starting their spiritual and healing journey, and anyone that has experienced trauma, addiction, or anyone who needing direction in life.


Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17