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Reiki In Toledo, a collage of mindful images with the words Axiom Lux

A Holistic Wellness Community
Community A Holistic Wellness Center in Toledo, Ohio Reiki healing, Energy Work, Spiritual Mentorship, meditation, Mindfulness, Mediumship, somatic healing, body work, Intuition

Axiom Lux started from humble homemade herbal remedies and energy healing work done on the family, slowly becoming what it is today: a hub for personal development + growth while supporting holistic empowerment.
The mission of Axiom Lux is to weave an understanding of wellness encompassing the mind, body, and spirit throughout the community, while also supporting each individual, as they are, with welcoming acceptance.
Axiom Lux strives to be a safe place for all to remember and embrace their inner truth
with grace + gratitude.

Cheers to Wellness,
Peace, Love + Axiom Lux

The Alternative Healing Offerings of Axiom Lux

Reiki Energy Work Healing

Reiki Therapists
Energy Work

Psychic Tarot Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Support group for women

Sisterhood Gatherings

Energy Work Classes




Clinical Therapy socialwork

Clinical Therapy

Reiki Class Attunement

Reiki I + II
Attunement Classes


Private Events

Book A 
Private Event

Inner Child Work Chelsea Miller

Inner Child

Reiki Spiritual Mentorship Guidance Teacher Packages


Bride and Groom

Bridal Support


The Team At Axiom Lux Center

Meet the Axiom Lux Team

Rebecca Ahern Reiki Axiom Lux Spiritual Mentorship

Rebecca Ahern

| Owner of Axiom Lux |

Reiki Master Teacher + Spiritual Mentor
Specializing in Energy Healing,
Women's Mindset + Shadow Work

Currently training for: 
200 Yoga Teacher Certification
Trauma Informed 
Yoga Certification
Advanced Master Program on Trauma Certification
Somatic Healing Certification IAYT Accedited
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher CPU Certification

Rebecca, an Intuitive Healer, has been called to assist you to your highest potential, enhance your quality of life + personal growth. 


On this journey of spiritual growth + discipline, she guides you inward where you learn more about your inner truths, wisdom, direction + true authentic self. Becoming more aware of your wellness in completeness.


Her work is to help you discover + connect with your own inner knowing, guide you on how to follow your life map, assisting with clearing whatever stands in the way of happiness, peace, health, love + abundance.

With her natural empathic intuitive gifts and 11+ years of honed practice, Rebecca is able to tap into your energetic space; bringing awareness to you on how you can heal buried traumas. 

Becca Ferstle Medium Reiki

Becca Ferstle

Reiki Master Teacher

Intuitive Medium


As the Mediumship Circle group facilitator, Becca holds space and offers guidance to others who are wanting to develop their own mediumship abilities. As a Reiki Practitioner she works with all levels of experience of spirituality and energy work.

Brittany Halstead_edited.jpg

Brittany Halstead

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Medicupping Practitioner: Level 1

Cranial Sacral Therapist


Brittany specializes in a wide array of massage modalities to help her clients achieve a comfortable state of well being while using healing and therapeutic techniques to achieve total relaxation from our day to day stresses.


Kimberly Clark Therapist

Kimberly Clark

Clinical Social Worker

Reiki Master Teacher

Kimberly sees individuals, partners, and couples with the ability to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of mental health and emotional issues, including but not limited to, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, sexual disorders, communication issues, and relationship strife.

Chelsea Miller Inner Child Coach

Chelsea Miller

Inner Child Coach


Chelsea is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator & Encouragement Consultant. She specializes in traumas, triggers, limiting beliefs, boundaries, burnout, and discovering your self worth. Our work together consists of digging into deeply rooted unconscious beliefs, healing from wounds, reparenting yourself, breaking generational traumas and curses, and learning how to create new thoughts and patterns to become your best self. 

Jackie Goff Axiom Lux Psychic

Jackie Goff

Intuitive Reader,
Personal Empowerment Facilitator

Jackie’s intuitive abilities not only give her clients accurate and insightful readings, they also help in coaching clients with manifesting and personal development.


Angie Perz Reiki

Angelia Perz

Intuitive Empath +

Reiki Practitioner


Angelia offers Reiki healing and intuitive Tarot readings. She is so honored to do this work and her goal is to help others receive the healing, guidance, and direction they are looking for. Every reading and healing session is held in a safe, non-judgmental, and privateenvironment to meet you exactly where you are on your journey.



Upcoming Classes + Events

The Axiom Lux Blog

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