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Spiced Elderberry & Honey

A discusion:

Traditionally elderberries have been used in farmhouse kitchens for general wellness.

Elderberry has a well documented history of use in folk remedies. In the Middle Ages elderberry was considered a Holy Tree, capable of restoring good health, keeping good health, and as an aid to longevity. Hippocrates referred to elderberry as “nature’s medicine chest”. All parts of the elderberry plant are considered a valuable healing plant in many folk and native medicine

Elderflowers contain flavenoids and rutin, which are known to improve immune function, particularly in combination with vitamin “C.” The flowers also contain tannins, which account for its traditional use to reduce bleeding, diarrhea, and congestion.

Elderberry was used to treat the flu epidemic in Panama in 1995 and the German Commission E (German FDA) approved elderberry for treatment of coughs, bronchitis, fevers, and colds. Though it has been known for centuries as a remedy to help treat some illnesses and boost the immune system, only recently has there been studies to show us the possibilities of the elderberry in modern day medicine.

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About Rebecca Ahern

A self proclaimed crazy, crunchy, healing hippy, who's in love with life’s journey and this amazing Earth that we all share.


She loves to laugh really hard, and when not working on her Apothecary business, she spends most of her time barefoot, cooking, singing and dancing, being a mama to sons Xavier and Pax and a fairly decent wife to her husband Dan.


Rebecca is practicing Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Healer. Offering a variety of small batch & handcrafted products. Including Teas and Salves made from organic and local herbs & foods.

Each product is made with love, healing intention and highest good. Crafted with the Earth and body in mind.


No man made chemicals, preservatives or toxins. Just safe ingredients for the whole family.


Rebecca is SO grateful for the abundance of love and support given to her Healing Practice and her products.

Cheers To Wellness!

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