Linnea Voss

Reiki Master Teacher +  Virtues Project Facilitator 

Linnea hosts clients in-person for Reiki healing sessions +  focusing on how to incorporate virtuous language into your everyday life.

About Linnea

Linnea Voss grew up in Cleveland and moved to Toledo in 2010. She was a single mother, raised by a single mother, without an idea of where her life would take her besides being a mother. She knew she had a passion for caring for children and spent most of her early adulthood being a nanny and working in childcare. When she met her husband, Tim, she fell in love and quickly had 4 more children, making them a family of 7.  

The chaos that evolves from having 4 toddlers at once showed her where her parenting needed attention. She noticed she could benefit from learning new skills and sought out new tools for her “toolbox”. She wanted to parent her children with love and respect and lacked the boundary setting skills to make that a reality. She is forever learning that each time she develops a new skill for her parenting, she also learns to re-parent herself in a loving way. Rebuilding her own structures of self-worth.  

Linnea is a Reiki master teacher, a Virtues Project™ Facilitator, and is currently studying for her professional certification through Caroline Myss to be an archetypal consultant. 

She will support you by helping you to gain perspective on your inherent divine gifts, guiding you to see that you are full of divine potential. She will guide you to speak an internal language of love, grace and respect which will allow you more clarity and room for forward growth in your life. Her idealism, wisdom, compassion and patient observation will hold space for you to empower yourself to see your life symbolically. Learning to trust yourself and trust your divine purpose is paramount to living in your highest potential. 

As her oldest son leaves for college this fall and her 4 younger children are currently homeschooled, she is navigating making the passion she has for supporting others on their spiritual journey a priority and a reality. She is thrilled and humbled for this opportunity to support you on your life’s journey.

Services + Classes