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Let Us Support You

Mind, Body + Spirit on

Your Journey to "I do"

There are countless beautiful + stressful aspects to planning a wedding. We can provide ways to help navigate the overwhelm and find the joy. 


The committed love of two people is the core reason for the big event and we have taken our

Spiritual Mindfulness approach to

life and have applied it to supporting the very

specific needs of the Bride To Be.


You can find solace, flexibility + peace amongst the uncertainty while remembering the true reason

for your wedding.

Bridal Sessions + Events 

Celebrating You + Your Accountability to Wellness

We have curated a package specifically for brides. We know how challenging it can be to find your peace in this very stressful, yet wonderful time. We know the amount that you are juggling, between booking all of the vendors, finding your perfect dress and the chaos of keeping it all straight. We see you, we've been you, we know that you are doing your best and we have tools to further support you.


In this package you will find ways stand in your center, allowing yourself to be creative in planing all aspects of your wedding. You will embrace joy in your own existence and the connection with your partner. By honoring the real reason for your big day, the love and commitment of spending the rest of your life together, you will find clear comunitcation within yourself therefore shifting that peaceful awareness to your relationship. 


You will learn and utilize a variety of tools to find your grounding + center. When you are anchored and focused, you will move forward on you path with clarity. You will learn to navigate the stressors of planning a wedding with grace + flexibility, and find harmony in honoring your commitment to your loving partner.