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Tori Tarot

Tori Peters

Integrative Hypnotist + Tarot Card Reader

Tori helps clients piece together the spiritual puzzles in their lives and to move forward with insight, growth, and healing. 

About Tori

Arriving at this point on her path has been quite a journey. Her mother used to read to her and her sisters, stories from psychics like John Edward's and Sylvia Brown. This was the spark of her curiosity with all spiritual things and opened her up to seeing signs and receiving messages from spirit. Then in 2004 Tori's grandfather passed away. This was such an impactful loss in her life as a child that she felt the only way that she was able to cope was to pray and ask him for signs which lead to her receiving many physical signs and dreams with messages. Unfortunately, Tori created a block from spirit after getting spooked watching a heart shaped balloon pace back and forth in her bedroom at 3am.


It wasn't until 2020 that Tori took action on spirit’s push after having a dream of a man yelling at her to “WAKE UP!”. So she woke herself up and opened her eyes to the clock reading 3:33AM. She knew this was a significant sign and that was all she needed to get going.


Tori booked her first tarot reading, (knowing absolutely nothing about tarot) from someone online that was recommended by a well known psychic medium in the UK. Sadly, she didn't feel this reading resonated well at the time and was left feeling lost because none of the card meanings were explained to her. Every experience holds a purpose for our life path and this was the experience that led Tori to learn tarot for herself so she could start finding her own answers and get reconnected with the spirit world. 


She got her first tarot deck, scheduled a reiki session to clear any blocks, and dove into learning card meanings and working with spreads. Almost immediately after this, a tarot support group for learning was presented to her where she was able to learn the basics of reading for others and have people to practice with. Tori then started offering free private readings to friends and family to get as much experience as she could, not only with the cards but with her intuition. 


She began to connect more with spirit, and listening to her intuition and her confidence just skyrocketed! She could feel that this was in alignment with her purpose! This led to her creating a Facebook group in the beginning of 2021 for her to do more tarot readings and open up conversation about spiritual related topics so that she could help others open up and continue to grow. This group has been a wonderful support throughout Tori's journey, bringing together a community of like minded humans and teaching her more than she ever could have ever expected.


Tori has continued to follow spirit's lead over the last 3 years and still gets most of her messages through her dreams. This has encouraged Tori to expand her gifts and learn more about how she can help others which has resulted in recently being Reiki 2 Attuned! She is so thrilled to be a conduit for source energy to assist more people in their healing and spiritual journeys.


Helping others has always been Tori's top priority so no matter what service you book with her, Tori's goal is to give great insight and advice to your current circumstances while also providing guidance for the immediate future making you feel more in control. Tori feels you deserve validation, clarity, and the push you need to feel confident on how to move forward in your life!

Services + Classes

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Please do not let our prices deter you from your healing journey. Some practitioners have a sliding scale upon request.
Please reach out, all inquires will be considered


"My reading was mindblowingly accurate and impressive. Her interpretation of what the cards showed were extremely intuitive and spot on. I heard exactly what I needed to hear and we were able to clearly understand why I was receiving so many signs. Tori delivers messages in a kind and thoughtful way. I loved hearing her own understanding and interpretation of what things meant. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate. Through this reading I was able to gain so much clarity and confidence about things going on in my life. I am so grateful spirit guided me to her for help navigating this message. She was amazing and I already can’t wait for my next session!!" -Chelsea

“Tori is the best! I've had 3 tarot card parties now and every time I feel like I have just left a therapy session. She is so confident and caring with every read she does. I feel like not many people have the true talent to connect with cards no matter how hard they might try! Somehow Tori does and it's so exciting to seeI just followed up with Tori from one of my readings when she explained how a career opportunity would come up for my husband in the winter months! And sure enough he just accepted a new job title! Just as Tori predicted. He didn't even know at the time this would be an option to take! I'm so excited for many more parties with this gem!” -Amber

“I’m not even sure where to start! I am so happy I reached out to get a reading. Tori provides a reading full of depth- no stone is unturned (she is more than willing to clarify or read deeper when asked). My life has been upturned in the last week and it definitely came through in my reading. I was actually surprised how on point Tori was with my reading. She even mentioned things I only thought of and never once spoke into existence. If you are considering reaching out to Tori for a reading, do it. She provides readings that have a ton of information in a safe and secure place!” -Sophie

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