Sisterhood Gatherings

Love yourself as the woman who you’ve always wanted to be. Accept your power and trust the divine within yourself. Receiving yourself starts with accepting the full package of who you are.  

Participating in this Gathering you will leave feeling grounded, connected, rejuvenated, loved and present. Experience the magic that happens when women gather, take time for yourself and fill your cup.  


Our Gatherings are about finally releasing what others think of you and speaking authentically and vulnerably about what you are going through in your life. The purpose is to let go of what’s not serving you and step into your power as a new generation feminine leaders. 


We will dive deep together into what it what means to be a woman in this world and how you can live connected to your heart and receive support to achieve your goals.  


We will create a sacred space where the conversations are authentic and the connection is nourishing to your soul. Together, we support each other in embracing our individual truths and reclaim our feminine grace, power and strength.  


We will see ourselves as the leaders of our own lives and practice being the example for others to rise up to their greatest potential.  We will give one another permission to be real, vulnerable, and authentic. We claim our freedom of self-expression and gain confidence to speak our truth.  


We will listen to one another with compassion, understanding and respect so we feel seen and heard.  The Sisterhood Gathering is an investment of $25  


Please arrive at 7p we will be starting promptly at 715, there will be not late entry do to the nature of the gathering.