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Soul Purpose Method: Decoding Who We Are

Why are we here? What is the divine plan for your life? Discover your Archetypes and patterns.

  • 2 hr
  • Central Avenue

Service Description

You will discover your archetypal patterns and the archetypes that are uniquely yours, revealing that your experiences and relationships are filled with opportunities for personal transformation. Archetypes are universal patterns of behavior that, once discovered, help you better understand yourself and your place in the world, transforming your life. They play valuable roles that relate to our work, relationships, as well as to our spirituality, finances, values, and our highest potential. To help you work with the archetypal companions you will work with the image of a wheel divided into twelve categories that contain every aspect of human life, corresponding to the twelve houses of the zodiac. Your 12 archetypes become even more significant when you observe them at work in the houses that signify 12 different aspects of your life. Like other intuitive tools, the Wheel helps you decode the behind-the-scenes patterns of your life. It shows you how your experiences and relationships are filled with opportunities for personal transformation. We have divided this process into 4 sessions to help you fully understand your Archetype characteristics and the patterns in which you show up in your life. • Introduction and overview to how the system works, take personality test, learn about the 4 Survival Archetypes. • Choose and identify your 8 Personal Archetypes • Learn about your 12 Archetype Characteristics and what they mean to you directly • Learn about the Archetype Wheel and Houses. Place your 12 characteristics to make your House of Origin. Understand how your characteristic works in that house • Learn about your House of Origin and the patterns of characteristics and houses, see the ebb and flow and how they interact with each other in your life. • In-depth reflection, discussion and questions. Understand how to live in the light attribute of the archetypes and how to learn from the shadow while implementing boundaries for you highest potential. This specific process of Archetype Patterning was developed by author Caroline Myss, as a revolutionary spiritual tool to help you find your purpose on earth. We have broken it down into a process that will help bring clarity to who you are and the meaning to all of your choices in life.

Contact Details

  • 6725 West Central Avenue, Toledo, OH, USA


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