Ragina Donatelli

Reiki Master Teacher

Ragina hosts clients in-person, holding healing space for transformation + growth.

About Ragina

Ragina is a Master Reiki practitioner, Blue Star Reiki practitioner,  intuitive healer, card reader and crystal lover. Gina has been practicing Reiki for around 18 years and still loves every second of it, filling her soul with love, joy and light!  


She uses crystals with all Reiki sessions as they always assist with healing and can recommend crystals to support your specific needs.  She also get messages for clients from higher beings to help grow and release.


Gina tends to attract clients who are starting their spiritual and healing journey, and anyone that has experienced trauma, addiction, or anyone who needing direction in life. The more often that sessions are had, the quicker your goal is met, whatever it may be!  


Gina loves meeting and helping people and would like to start your healing journey together with peace, love, light and happiness!