Purchase this set of Chakra Rollers for $99 or purchase them individually for $18 each. 


Each Roller is made with a specific essential oil blend, crystals, frankinscense resin, and reiki infued to support the energy center that it represents.


▵ Crown Chakra to Know + Understand. Release attachment. 

essential oils: frankincense, orange, petitgrain, neroli

crystals: clear quartz+frankincense


▵ 3rd Eye Chakra to See + Perceive. Release illusion.

essential oils: grapefruit, clary sage, sandalwood, spruce

crystals: amethyst+frankincense


▵ Throat Chakra to Speak + be Heard. Release lies.

essential oils: ho wood, lavender, spearmint, blue tansy

crystals: lapis lazuli+frankincense


▵ Heart Chakra to Love + be Loved. Release grief.

essential oils: grapefruit, rhododendron, bergamot, rose

crystals: green avantrine+frankincense


▵ Solar Plexus Chakra to Act + Generate. Release shame.

essential oils: black pepper, cardamom, davana, grapefruit

crystals: yellow avantrine+frankincense


▵ Sacral Chakra to Feel + Desire. Release Guilt.

essential oils: coriander, geranium, orange, jasmine 

crystals: flame jasper+frankincense


▵Root Chakra to Be Here + to Have. Release fear.

essential oils: vetiver, spikenard, frankincense , palo santo

crystals: tigers eye+frankincense

Chakra Rollers