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Discovering Your Path to Health

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

TCM means Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is a complete system of holistic medicine. It originated thousands of years ago and is still used today. I love this beautiful medicine and helping people discover their path to health. I enjoy figuring out the TCM patterns to help the body rebalance and thrive. I listen to your story and will create a personalized wellness plan based on your constitution. We are nature - we need to learn to balance with it to be well and restore our greatest potential. My work isn’t like work, it’s like visiting friends all day. When I chose to pursue TCM, I had an idea - to help people find their way of health with natural medicine. And I discovered along the way what you do with an idea... You change the world.

I’m beyond blessed and truly honored to bring TCM to our community and very honored to have been voted Toledo’s Best Acupuncturist in the Toledo City Paper 3 years in a row. I’m committed to maintaining a high standard of care with integrity & compassion - that is safe, & effective.

I grew up in the Toledo area and started my undergrad at the University of Toledo in Nursing. I changed my major every year - business then education. Then I was injured in a car accident and didn’t go back to school. In my journey to get well again, I discovered massage therapy and attended Healing Arts in Perrysburg. This is where I learned about 5 Element Acupuncture. I was enthralled. I listened to every word that woman said. And I thought to myself, I’m going to do that someday. I practiced massage therapy for 8 years and was voted Toledo’s Best LMT 2 yrs in a row by the Toledo City Paper before I decided to attend Bastyr University in Seattle to study Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.

I gave up everything, selling my practice and almost everything I owned. I took my dogs and shipped a small metal container across the country. I went down the rabbit hole, indeed. I learned TCM and then I came back home. Why? Because my family was here and the medicine wasn’t. I felt compelled to represent our community with this beautiful natural medicine. In addition to my TCM practice, I am a teacher and lecturer. I have given seminars on business and herbs for the renowned Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine via their online platform, eLotus, and have been a guest speaker at Bowling Green State University, for a Women & Business course.

The most important thing that has helped our clinic grow and thrive is our love for this medicine and genuine desire to help people. We are the premier TCM clinic in our area because compassion and integrity is at the heart of everything we do.

When I’m not working, I'm a CEO Mom/Boss managing 4 children, with my wonderful husband & dog. In my free time, I enjoy riding my bike, gardening, reading, meditation, listening to music, painting, traveling, Pilates & learning.

Tamara D. Willingham-Rapp L.Ac.,


(419) 345-4996

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