Changing the World, Means Healing Ourselves

As we wake and become more aware, we start to see the truth. Our truth.

When we observe our lives, we can see unresolved traumas in ourselves and others projected everywhere. Notice how you speak, think, and react. When we surrender to our own whole truth and release the illusions that we have set in place to create false safety, we start to understand that factors outside of ourselves don’t have to change in order for us to change. Our mindset is the shift we need to begin our healing journey.

At the core of pain and suffering in this world is trauma that has yet to be acknowledged and healed. With these unresolved burdens we also carry false beliefs and self-limiting beliefs of inadequacy, hopelessness, and incompetence. We are the gate keepers that allow the world to heal. The powerful energy of healing is sitting with all of our hurt and loving ourselves through the uncomfortable moments of release. We do not have to participate in these burdens of shame and guilt.