Meg Hedrick

Advanced Reiki II Practitioner, Astrologer 

Meg hosts clients by advising through their natal chart.

About Meg

Meg, an astrologer and creator, translates astrological charts into a language that describes our journey through life. Her love of knowledge and learning is vast, extending far beyond astrology. She is frequently researching, reading, or discussing new topics. Being a Gemini, she loves to chat with everyone, but her favorite topics are nature and all things spiritual. Her interest in astrology formed during childhood, when she would spend hours reading horoscopes and studying constellations.


After becoming a mother, Meg started digging further into astrology by studying natal charts and the interpretations. When she's not looking up at the stars, you can find her looking down at the dirt. She enjoys foraging and rock collecting in nature with her husband and 3 children. She loves to create, art, and craft making useful objects from the abundance found around us. Her favorite way to create is with yarn and loves to crochet practical items and clothing using natural fibers. Meg spends a lot of time visiting parks and forests for hiking and camping with her family. She loves plants, animals, rocks and crystals, cooking, and kindness.


Meg prefers to live simply and minimally, while being one with the Earth and all of its inhabitants.



Meg blew me away with my astrology reading. Not only was she knowledgeable about a vast amount of detail, but she really took the time to hear what I was wanting to discover. She explained it all in a way that was incredibly relevant to me. She has a natural way of relating with you that makes you feel at ease, and welcomed. And she was incredibly patient and kind as I asked questions! I will absolutely be back to see her again. 

Meg has given me deep personal understanding into who I was and who I could be with the right guidance. Through the astrolgic wisdom of she has obtained, I now understand my self and who I aspire to be. Thank you, Meg for bringing me clarity in a land full of darkness.

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