Lisa Bardoni

Intuitive Medium + Spiritual Advisor

Lisa hosts clients in-person in private + group settings. Once a month she has a public event in which tickets can be purchased.

About Lisa

Lisa Bardoni is an intuitive medium from Newport, Michigan. Her gift of mediumship allows her to connect to spirit and bring clarity and healing to others. Accepting and embracing her gift for the past 5 years, Lisa helps clients with connecting to loved ones that have crossed over, and to facilitate healing on their journeys moving forward. Although connecting to loved ones on the other side is what she’s most known for, she is also an asset is supporting clients with health, relationships, finances, spirituality, and more.


Growing up, Lisa was under the impression that everyone around her experienced the same connection to the spirit world. It wasn’t until she became an adult that she realized her gift was something unique. What once scared her as a young child, has now become a blessing to so many individuals. 


Lisa undoubtedly shares that a person’s consciousness/soul survives the death of the body. One of her favorite sayings is, ‘we are only wearing these meat suits for a little while and when we shed them...our souls still exist.” Her ultimate goal in using her gift is to bring healing and clarity to others and to help those live a life that makes them happy and fullfilled every single day for the rest of their days.

Due to the high demand for Lisa's services and the individuality around each session, Lisa will be booking all of her appointments thru her email. 

Please expect a 72-hour response.

*local + distant sessions available