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Kyle Csortos

Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher

Kyle uses his intuitive gifts to also relay specific messages that can manifest during your appointment, which offers an even more personalized session.

About Kyle

Kyle is a reiki master, who offers in person healing sessions to anyone who is in need of spiritual healing.

From around the age of ten, Kyle knew he was different. He could see things others could not, feel things others did not pick up on, and intuitively connect with people on a much deeper level almost instantly. Those gifts, coupled with a quiet confidence and very kind heart, he was never afraid to march to the beat of his own drum. To some, that was intimidating. But for Kyle, that just meant he was able to maneuver through life knowing everything actually happens for a reason and would be ok. It wasn’t until 2013 that he really began to hone in on these gifts by being introduced to reiki. He eventually became a reiki master. He incorporated his deep love of nature and animals to connect with spirit and energy, channeling messages for those who need them.

Kyle also wears many hats. When he is not utilizing his spiritual gifts, Kyle is a full time graphic designer and digital marketer. He has also illustrated over twenty books, including children’s books, and has even wrote a children’s book himself. He and his husband of over a decade have three adorable and rowdy kids who keep the rest of his time occupied.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with Kyle today. He looks forward to aiding in your physical and spiritual healing/development.

Services + Classes


Years prior I had a few sessions with Kyle, I was very sick and was going through a divorce. My life felt out of control and I couldn't get a hold of things. After the first reiki session, it was like a weight lifted and I felt peace. He helped me think/see clearly in what felt like forever. Very Grateful!


- Stephanie L.

I have had many reiki sessions from Kyle over the years and I can't express enough how much his healing and intuition changed my life and opened me up to a world I turned my back to out of fear. Can't recommend enough


- Darleen W.

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