Cassie McCurdy

Reiki Master + Holistic Intuitive Mentor

Cassie, an intuitive Reiki healer, offers in person and distant Reiki sessions for people of all backgrounds at any level. Cassie uses a mindfulness-based approach and follows intuitive universal guidance to lead her clients in their healing journey.

About Cassie

Cassie has been on her own healing journey for over six years now. It was through finding Reiki, yoga, meditation, crystals, and diving deep into a self-love journey that Cassie was able to really able to transform her own life and overcome her feelings of self-doubt and limiting beliefs. 


Cassie knew from a very young age that her purpose is to help others. Cassie is a licensed social worker of 6 years and has been in the “helping professions” since 2015. Cassie is comfortable working with anyone who is wanting to learn what Reiki is, learn more about Reiki, continue their own journey or begin their healing journey together. She is open to questions and chatting if you want to find out if Reiki or Intuitive Mentorship are the right for you and your journey.

Cassie also sells handmade jewelry in the Axiom Lux retail area, be sure to check it out on your way in. She looks forward to working with you.


Cassie loves spending her free time creating jewelry, being in nature, reading, meditating, doing yoga, and having a good time with good people. 


Reiki practice and Mentorship have come to be Cassie’s favorite way of helping others over the last 6 years.