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Everything we experience in life is stored somewhere within the body. When we move through life, we are conditioned and effected by the past, we have the ability to process our past through many healing modalities including our breath as our breath and consciousness are intimately interwoven.
As we breathe more deeply into our bodies, we are inviting awareness into parts of ourselves that have long been stored away. As we bring awareness to the areas that have been hidden, our bodies innate healing abilities kick in; we release what has been holding us back, and we step closer into our full potential.

The process itself is very simple: with the eyes closed and lying on a mat, using your own breath, along with the music, you enter an extraordinary state of consciousness. This state activates your natural inner healing process of your psyche, bringing you internal experiences. Working together your breath work facilitator and your inner higher knowing are guiding the process of healing. Each experience is safe and unique, no two sessions are ever alike.

The Axiom Lux Breathwork Facilitator

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