About Rebecca Ahern, owner of Axiom Lux

Axiom Lux, formally Rebecca Ahern: Apothecary & Healing, evolved from humble home remedies and Reiki that I was using for my family’s wellbeing, to a thriving holistic business. All because of deep love and a need from the community. Friends and family were requesting my goods and services, demanding to pay me and recommending me to others. Slowly, over 7 years, with pure wonder and amazement from myself, I have grown to have many wonderful and supportive clients. I am a self proclaimed crazy, crunchy, healing hippy, in love with life’s journey and this amazing Earth that we all share.


I love to laugh really hard, and when not working on my business, I spend most of my time barefoot, cooking, singing and dancing, being a mama to my busy boys Xavier and Pax and wife to my very patient husband, Dan.


I am a practicing Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Healer. My motivation to stay the path of Enlightenment are my family and all of those still wandering in darkness. I stand to support you, allowing a safe space to release your burdens and step forward on your journey.


I aim to be a Beacon of Light with the goal to help you find your way back. Back to who you were before you felt you had to wear a façade to feel adequate. You are already whole. Please check out my services to see a full list of upcoming classes and events.


I also offer a variety of artisan botanical infused products, including Spiced Elderberry & Honey, Teas and Salves made from organic and local herbs & foods. Each of my products are made with love and healing intention. Crafted with the Earth and body in mind. No man made chemicals, preservatives or toxins. Just safe ingredients for the whole family.

I'm so grateful for the abundance of love and support given to this Healing Practice and my products. Serving the community is my love. 

Cheers To Wellness,

Peace, Love & Axiom Lux